What Should Your Preschooler Wear To Daycare?

How should you dress your child for daycare? If this is your first foray into child care, and you're not sure what clothes make the best choices, take a look at what you need to know about the perfect picks for preschoolers.

Comfort Over Style

Your child may look adorable in their ruffles, bows, and dress shoes, but these types of fancy fashions won't work well in the day care setting.

Comfort is key when it comes to your child's clothing choices. Anything that's restrictive or has an uncomfortable texture, or anything that will ain any way keep your child from a day filled with educational play isn't an appropriate option. Instead of stiff pressed pants, holiday dresses, and other similar stylish selections, opt for sweats, leggings, t-shirts, and sweaters.

Ability to Get Messy

What will your child do during their day? While the specific day's lesson plan varies by center and early childhood educator, most preschoolers will make art (finger painting, gluing, coloring, and more), play on the floor, run through an outdoor play yard, and explore in the science area.

What do these activities have in common? In most cases, they're messy. This means you need to leave your child's expensive clothes at home. The same goes for favorite picks—even if the item offers complete comfort.

A messy day of finger painting and paper mache art-making can ruin a beloved tee or favorite pair of pants. This can leave your child in tears or force you into an impromptu after-school shopping trip.

Easy On and Off Options

Independence and the ability to master self-care skills are hallmarks of the developing preschooler. As your child moves through the early education years, they'll need to complete simple tasks for themselves. These tasks could include dressing themselves or using the restroom with minimal assistance.

If your child has buttons, zippers, snaps, and other closures that make these activities difficult, they may not have the ability to act independently. Make self-care easy for your child and pick pull-on clothing. Likewise, loose-fitting items can make it easier for your child to dress themselves. Avoid complicated pieces that require multiple layers, ties, or anything that could easily frustrate your child.

Age-Appropriate Outfits

While most children's clothing is acceptable for a preschooler to wear, some items may have questionable messages, words, or images on them. Ask the center what their dress code policy is if you're in doubt.

From maximum comfort to the ability to get messy, what your child wears to child care can make it easier for them to learn, play, and enjoy the day. If you're still stuck on a selection, talk to the teacher, other parents, or friends with older children about their choices. Contact a local center like Tomorrow's Child Preschool for more information.