How Daycare Can Benefit Your Shy Child

When you have a shy child, you fear that putting them in a daycare facility can negatively affect their well-being. The opposite is actually true, however, and your child can thrive in a daycare facility if you are open to the idea, you stick the process out, and you recognize the many ways that daycare can help your child out.

How can daycare benefit your child? Even if your little one won't let you out of their sight for more than a few moments at a time, your shy child can benefit from being in a daycare setting. Here are just a few of the ways daycare can benefit your shy child.

They learn how to be away from you

A shy child may be overly dependent on you, fearing to do things on their own and fearing abandonment — even for just a few moments — from you. You help boost your child's confidence and teach them how to be away from you in various situations by placing them in daycare. The first few days in daycare centers may be difficult, and you may only accomplish a few hours at a time of independence from your child, but with time they can learn to be away from you and even enjoy it.

They learn how to make their own friends

Your child can learn how to make their own friends when you put them in a daycare center. Choose a daycare center that has many children of the same or similar age as yours so you know your little one has access to children their own age.

In having access to other children outside of your watchful eye, your child can learn to make friends and socialize in their own special way. They will still have adults watching over them to help them with interaction and navigating their emotions with other children, so if your shy child has issues with sharing and other social behaviors, then they can work on this in addition to challenging their shyness.

They learn how to transition

Your child may have an issue with transitioning, which can be hard on any youngster but can be particularly rough on your sensitive and shy offspring. Going from the home to a daycare center on the regular helps with transitioning so your child can quickly learn how to deal with being in new situations and can learn how to position themselves correctly as a result. When your child transitions from home to daycare, they can learn how to transition from daycare to school and other facilities as well.