Child Not Napping At Daycare? Follow These 3 Tips

Does your child normally nap well during the day, but doesn't seem to get the sleep they need at daycare? If so, follow these tips that will help them with their short naps.

Help Your Child Become Independent Sleepers At Home

The first thing that you are going to want to do is take steps for your child to become an independent sleeper at home. This is a common problem with any young child that is going from home to a daycare environment, since there may be things that they are used to in order to help get them down for a nap. They may need to be rocked to sleep or fall asleep while nursing. If they learn to depend on those things at home, they are going to struggle when they are at daycare and trying to nap alone.

It will be tough, but weaning your child off these things at home so that your child can nap without them is crucial. This will help your child nap without them at daycare where they are likely not an option.

Create A Nap Time Routine That Can Be Done At Daycare

It's important to work with your daycare to find out what kind of routine can be done at home and at daycare. Establishing a routine will help give your child those cues that it is time to take a nap and, hopefully, prepare themselves to fall asleep. For example, if your child at daycare will normally eat, have their diaper changed, and then lay down for a nap, try to recreate that routine at home. Having those successful naps at home with the same routine will help them get in the mindset to nap at daycare. 

Provide A White Noise Machine

Sometimes it is the loud noises at daycare that prevent your child from sleeping. Ask if it's possible to bring a small white noise machine that can attach to their crib. If they have the same white noise at home that they do at daycare, this can help become a relaxing sound that helps them fall asleep. In addition, having a white noise machine close to them can help drown out those background noises at daycare that may be waking them up unexpectedly.

There are just a few tips that can help your child nap during the day at daycare, which will help give them the energy they need for the rest of the day.