What Can Toddlers Learn?

Toddler daycare programs may make a lot of people scratch their heads and think. Here you have an age group that is just learning to walk, still in diapers, and they only know so many words with which to communicate. Many of them still babble and drool. So, what can you teach a toddler? What could they learn from entering a toddler daycare program? Actually, they can learn a lot.

Why You Should Enroll Your Child In A Summer Preschool Program

As your toddler nears the age where they will go to school, it's important for you to take certain steps. You've potty trained them, taught them to walk and shown them how to tie their shoes. However, going into preschool can be a shock if they have only spent the majority of their time with you. Going into a summer preschool program can help lessen the blow so that they will be better prepared to handle life amongst other little ones.

Help Your Child Get Ahead In School (Before They Even Start)

Many of the children who excel in school and come to love learning started their education before they even hit kindergarten. There are many ways that you can help your little one get started early with their learning. Here are some steps to help your children get ahead in school now. Find the Right Daycare or Preschool One of the biggest impacts is to find a daycare or preschool center that can help usher your child into their schooling life.

Choosing Child Care: How To Find The Perfect Facility For Your Little One

If you are planning to put your little one in child care during the day while you work, you may be worried about making such a major decision. While many children thrive at these facilities because they get to spend a lot of time with other kids their age while learning many things, your main concern may be how well your child adapts in such a busy environment compared to being at home with just you.

Four Tips For Walking Your Child To Preschool In Stormy Weather

The Pacific Northwest is well known for its blustery fall storms and winter drizzle, but life must go on, even through the puddles. But starting the day off with wet shoes and a runny nose can lead to a cranky and uncomfortable child for the rest of the day, and rainy weather can prove hazardous for pedestrians and school supplies alike. If you regularly walk your child to preschool or daycare, you should plan ahead to make sure you both arrive at your destination safe, dry, and warm.